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                良好的合作基於雙方的相互理解和有效溝通。以下列舉了一些我司案例ξ及翻譯資訊,方便您了解我們的翻ζ 譯服務。如您需要一号和二号也震惊翻譯服務,歡迎撥打0510-80382661,我們的客服將為您進行翻譯項目分析及報價。



                宜興翻︽譯公司▽ 恒成翻▓譯出品 宜興翻譯 英語翻譯 雜誌翻譯

                THE BRITISH SEASON


                From late spring to early autumn, London and the surrounding countryside is abuzz with some of the most elegant events on the British social calendar. From art fairs and flower shows to horse racing and Championship tennis, these unmissable events are the highlight of the ‘British Season’




                CHELSEA FLOWER SHOW


                May 19-23, Chelsea


                As the spring bulbs begin to blossom and Britain prepares for another season of glamorous events, the Chelsea Flower Show brings together the best garden designers, florists and other horticultural talents from around the world. Visitors can wander among beautifully presented gardens and floral displays throughout the week, stopping off to talk with experts and browse the jewellery, textiles and arts and crafts in the retail area, or pause for afternoon tea, fresh sustainable seafood or a glass of Champagne at one of the many pop-up bars and restaurants.

                春季萬物復∏蘇之際,於夏季Ψ 舉辦的切爾西花展便開始進行籌備,世界各地最負盛名的花園設計師、花藝師和其他園藝匠人都將參看着底下眼中精光爆闪展花展為期一周,遊客可暢遊精心打造的花園,觀※賞精心布置的花卉,或停下腳步,與專家◤暢談,或在零售區內一覽各式珠寶、紡織品和工藝品,亦或是在那些快閃酒吧和餐廳短暫停留,享用美味的下午茶、新屠神剑却已经从他鮮的海產,或淳口的香檳⌒ 


                ROYAL ASCOT

                英國皇⌒ 家阿斯科特賽馬會June 16-20, Ascot Racecourse


                Few occasions manage to combine the high-paced thrills and high-society hospitality of Royal Ascot, the annual horseracing event at which British ladies and gentlemen gather for five days of pageantry, fine dining and sporting events. Britain’s most valuable race meeting brings together the world’s finest finest trainers, racehorses and jockeys to compete for millions of pounds in prize money, so its no surprise that their owners, supporters and other visitors traditionally don their finest apparel to rub shoulders with other discerning visitors. While gents tend to show off their most ostentatious sartorial ensembles, ladies compete to out do one another’s millinery creations, making Royal Ascot one of the most colourful events of the season.


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